Brush Pen Calligraphy

Brushpen Calligraphy is the new trend in Calligraphy world, it has reached great heights of popularity due to its easy to learn and execute nature .

Brushpen Calligraphy has very wide variety from modern pointedpen Calligraphy to Dashy Ruiling pen style Calligraphy and even further till Block letters and various roman scripts.

In today’s Calligraphy world Brushpen Calligraphy mainly refers to English scripts . few years back when I used to learn Calligraphy whenever we talk about Brushpen Calligraphy it was mainly about Chinese and Japanese Traditonal Calligraphy. Which was done with a  hair brush and is still there and growing. It has its own Traditional value and it’s one of few Calligraphy scripts that boosts human senses, due to its meditative nature.

Here we are definitely talking about the modern English version of Brushpen Calligraphy and even in that we will be discussing about the variation which was developed from pointed pen modern scripts.

As Brushpen Calligraphy was developed or inspired from a modern script so it has no strict rules or regulations to follow. The only big rule is, all upstrokes and horizontal strokes are with less or almost no pressure and all the downstrokes have allot of pressure, giving it the distinct look n feel of pointed pen Calligraphy

I have made a simple basic guide to learn upright Brushpen Calligraphy (where slant angle is around 90 degrees).  It will help allot of new beginners who are diving into this beautiful world of Calligraphy and wanna take their first step.

**By no means it is a experts guide to brushpen or professional book this book is for beginners to start learning.**

This book is easy to understand , learn and practice . This will be a great first step emotionally , mentally and practically for a newbie Calligrapher.

This book is free of cost and free to use in anyway , whether it be a individual learning purpose or workshop related purpose, Untill n unless the teacher tries to hide the logo or Syed’s Calligraphy Studio details or tried to claim it as their own book. Ill take serious legal actions against such person. Use it however you want to use but don’t try to tamper with it.

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