Hello Calligraphers!!


Teaching my sweet little sister.
The fundamentals of Italics.

My name is Syed Sha abul Hassan Quadri, my friends call me Syed …. As my name is very long.

I am a professional Calligrapher , teacher and student of Penmanship.

You can follow my work on Syed’s Calligraphy.

I am also a Pensmith (penmaker). I make my own pens and I also sell my pens at my website Syed’s Pen .

I make all my pens according to my knowledge of scripts and the angles used in those scripts . I keep in mind all the main concepts that can effect the pens writing and it’s movements.

How I began my journey.

I started my Penmanship journey in 2014 inspired by ( Michael r Sull , john decollibus and L.Madarasz).
I live in India , I did B.A in arabic as degree , when I started my journey there was no such thing as flex nib or oblique holder in India. I struggled allot and finally found a semi flex nib made an oblique holder for myself with ball pen cap ,chopstick and some tape. I used fish medicine as ink, and started practicing . I got all rare books from iampeth and started studying it. I learnd allot from teachings of C.P.Zaner , F.B.Courtney and L.Madarasz. I always keep saying myself ‘thoughtful practice leads to progress’ and now I am teaching engrosser’s script all over india at minimal cost and make premium quality Oblique holders for my living. I m very happy with what I am doing and I simply love my penmanship.

I really want to learn more and see the specimens of my ideals in real.
Meet everyone, and learn as much as I can , I am fond of traditional methods of penmanship , I teach only in that way . My main motive is to become so good that one day I can become the first master penman from india. N I want to bring back The Golden Age of Penmanship,  this time it will be India

Engrosser’s script series on YouTube.

I have started a series of Instructional Videos on Engrosser’s script . These videos will be uploaded on my YouTube channel.

These videos will cover basics of Engrosser’s script or copperplate calligraphy. I’ll be discussing about tools , materials and how to use them. These videos will be uploaded on weekly basis so stay tuned and support me with your love and practice.

Love in Engrosser’s script.


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