Delhi workshop

Successful workshop.

Roller Coaster ride for me.

The workshop started with a lack of management and unprepared day , we had a student who had to complete her course on first day, we were out of space for students to sit and we didn’t had potato in hand to start with nib preperations.

First day of workshop was a disaster, but after that comes second day..

We started everything again with the motive of teaching the students in right way and making them understand the script rather than practicing wrong script.

Best part was the eagerness of students to learn about the script and know what they are practicing… This made my second day at workshop worth of my trip to delhi.

Met some extra ordinary students who had the passion and urge to learn the script which i had back when i started the script. This motivated me to prevent them to do same mistakes that i did when i started.

A sneak peek of flourishing’s secret.
While demonstrating.

For me my students are my teachers they thought me many things daily, while they do mistakes i have to find a new way to rectify it and i get to go more deeper into the script. Sometimes their questions and doubts makes you work more harder and tells you, your work is not yet finished. Learn more and teach even more.

In end I would say, this workshop was one of the most successful workshop, not because of I earned or anything. It is best just because of my students doing so well that I’m starting think how can someone learn so good control on pen in matter of few days? This batch of students were just extravagant .

With regards



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